First two weeks in Indo

We arrived in Surabaya, Indonesia Tuesday morning on the 29th of March and hit the ground running. Even though we had traveled for about 45 hours we had a full day scheduled with various sessions on Peace Corps policy and information; most of which I do not remember.

After one day in Surabaya we left for Kediri. We stayed at a hotel by the name of Bukit Daun for three nights. While at Bukit Daun we had 16 hours of language classes and two bahasa Indonesia assessment tests to place us in groups of five to seven for our language classes over the next two months.

On Saturday we were dropped off with our PST host families. Despite not having any connection to the outside world and very rudimentary language skills I was able to survive my first day with my host family quite well. On Sunday we went on a tour around Kediri to find the places where we would be meeting for our PST sessions and purchased local cell phones.

Our first day of actual PST began on Monday as a HUB day. HUB days are when the entire volunteer group meets up at the local Islamic university to go over Peace Corps information. On Tuesday through Thursday we had language classes in the morning and Link in the afternoon. Link is when the language groups in your village meet up with language groups in another village to learn about TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language). Friday the eighth of April was another HUB day.

Typically each day begins at seven in the morning and lasts until about five in the afternoon. From my understanding most volunteers wake up around five in the morning or earlier. This allows for plenty of time to mandi (bathe), have breakfast, and travel to wherever their day begins. Everyone’s lunch is prepared by their Ibus and packed in lunch boxes. After the day’s PST sessions are over I return home, mandi, work on any assignments I may have received or study bahasa Indonesia. For me, dinner is around six-thirty. After dinner I’ll try and talk to my family a bit and eventually they’ll ask if I’m tired to which I always answer in the affirmative. Bedtime is around seven-thirty or maybe eight.

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  1. Great to read about your adventure! Looking forward to a story about the bike that is actually yours😜
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