First day off

Sunday the tenth of April was our first real day off after arriving in Indonesia. The first day without anything scheduled for us to do. Nonetheless I still woke up before five o’clock in the morning. My host family wanted to show me around Kediri so we left walked to the main road around seven-thirty to catch a bus to Dhoho street. On Sundays Dhoho street is closed down to cars so and turns into a market. The street was very crowded with Indonesians and me being the only bule (fair skinned person) in the area was quite a novelty. Being stopped to take pictures with the more daring Indonesians was very common. In fact, one young Indonesian girl even interviewed me for a class assignment of sorts.

After Dhoho street we went to Monumen Simpang Lima Gumul. It was similar in nature to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Lots of people hanging around outside the arc. The arc is in the center of a roundabout and beyond the roundabout was a park area with many small food vendors setup. I bought some street food that I think later came back to haunt me and endured taking more pictures with locals.

The only time I was in a picture by myself
Me standing awkwardly at Monumen Simpang Lima Gumul
After our visit to the arc we went to Kediri mall where I purchased my first batik shirt. I had to get an extra large since the sizes are adjusted for individuals without the stature of a typical America. We also paid a visit to a grocery store where I bought some cookies and a Snickers bar. Two excellent choices that I don’t regret at all. Coincidentally, we also ran into someone that was at the park from earlier that wanted to take a picture with me. They wanted another picture at the mall. This particular middle aged Indonesian woman was much more… comfortable with me than the usual Indonesian that asks to take a picture with me.

After the mall we returned home and I promptly took a nap. The rest of the day was spent at home either sleeping or eating.

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