There are many intersections between Islam and traditional Javanese culture in Indonesia. Tahlilan and yasinan are great examples of one of those intersections. During PST I was fortunate enough to attend nearly a dozen such cultural events with my bapak. My original goal, as my goals so often are, was too ambitious. I had hoped to explain exactly what tahlilan and yasinan are, how they’re different, where they fit into indigenous Indonesian traditions and modernist orthodox Islam. However; even after having queried my community liaisons (CLs), my host family, and many other volunteers about this subject I still find my knowledge about these subjects lacking and my understanding short of what it should be.

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Posh Corps

I was messaging a stateside friend recently and at one point during the conversation my friend described Peace Corps service as “glamorous.” Of course I immediately listed out many of the unglamorous aspects of being a Peace Corps volunteer in Indonesia—wouldn’t want anyone thinking we have it too easy over here. But there actually are many “glamorous,” or “posh,” things about being a PCV.

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