Cycle of vulnerability and adjustment

Being in the Peace Corps isn’t easy. I think I’ve made that clear before. But I mention this because the difficulties which volunteers go through are often well-documented and known beforehand. Despite being aware of many of the challenges we’ll face many volunteers still chose to end their service early or ET (early terminate). Twelve, of the original seventy-four in my group of volunteers, have returned home to America. Sixteen percent, and we’ve only been in Indonesia for six months. The reasons why people leave are nuanced and intricate, but no one left because they were having too much fun.

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Orang rumahan

My desa (village) during training, Manisrenggo, has been an excellent place to find my footing here in Indonesia. Everybody I have met has been friendly, hospitable, and generous. I never make it out of someone’s house without having been offered an array of delicious foods and plenty of water. Everyone is always very curious to talk about America and find out what the trainees think about Indonesia, the local food, the people.

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