Core Expectations

Peace Corps service is a multi-faceted gem. Granted, one of those facets is basically the scene from the hit movie “Bridesmaids” where everyone has terrible diarrhea, except it’s once a month for two years, a gem nonetheless. It’s a complicated and difficult business to explain, what volunteers do and the focus of the work. In my opinion, one of the best ways to describe what being a volunteer is like is through the “Core Expectations for Peace Corps Volunteers.” There are ten core expectations and they are derived from the spirt of the three main goals of Peace Corps as an agency—I hope to later write a post elucidating upon each one.
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Mandi and me

The mandi at my PST homestay
The bathroom is a great place to find contrasts between America and Indonesia. Besides using the squatty potty, Indonesians don’t take showers. At least, not showers as most Americans know them. In the stead of shower they mandi. Mandi literally means bath or shower, though what they actually do is better described as a bucket bath.

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