Hallo mister!

Children will follow you if they think you’re interesting. It’s impossible for a foreigner to not be interesting.

Something that I have alluded to in my previous post is the obsession it seems all Indonesians have with foreigners, especially white foreigners. A constant fascination with the “bule” seems to be a cultural cornerstone.

Explaining the experience of being an absolute foreigner is very difficult. In America anyone of any ethnicity can walk down nearly any street in any town and draw minimal to no attention. That’s not to say that race is not an issue in America, but that most people don’t see it as novel, strange, or unique to have an uncommon skin tone.

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My bike?

The last two posts have been snorefests. So it’s time to pull out some good content.

I moved in with my pre service training host family on a Saturday. I had only had two days of language classes. My language skills were pretty much limited to telling someone my name, saying where I’m from, and saying where I live. I could also point to a couple of objects and identify them in Indonesian. Oh, and numbers. I could count to like a billion. But that wasn’t very useful.

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