First day off

Sunday the tenth of April was our first real day off after arriving in Indonesia. The first day without anything scheduled for us to do. Nonetheless I still woke up before five o’clock in the morning. My host family wanted to show me around Kediri so we left walked to the main road around seven-thirty to catch a bus to Dhoho street. On Sundays Dhoho street is closed down to cars so and turns into a market. The street was very crowded with Indonesians and me being the only bule (fair skinned person) in the area was quite a novelty. Being stopped to take pictures with the more daring Indonesians was very common. In fact, one young Indonesian girl even interviewed me for a class assignment of sorts.

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My bike?

The last two posts have been snorefests. So it’s time to pull out some good content.

I moved in with my pre service training host family on a Saturday. I had only had two days of language classes. My language skills were pretty much limited to telling someone my name, saying where I’m from, and saying where I live. I could also point to a couple of objects and identify them in Indonesian. Oh, and numbers. I could count to like a billion. But that wasn’t very useful.

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