Dollars and cents, rupiah and sen

Dollars and cents, rupiah and sen

The Indonesian rupiah is the currency of Indonesia. Currently, one US dollar is equivalent to a little more than 13,000 rupiah; though in the past twelve months the exchange rate has been as high as Rp 14,500 to one dollar. Needless to say a single rupiah will not buy much. In fact, the smallest denomination in mint now is the one hundred rupiah coin, which is worth less than a single American penny. And the largest Indonesian bank note currently printed is the 100,000 rupiah, worth approximately 7.70 US dollars.

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First two weeks in Indo

We arrived in Surabaya, Indonesia Tuesday morning on the 29th of March and hit the ground running. Even though we had traveled for about 45 hours we had a full day scheduled with various sessions on Peace Corps policy and information; most of which I do not remember.

After one day in Surabaya we left for Kediri. We stayed at a hotel by the name of Bukit Daun for three nights. While at Bukit Daun we had 16 hours of language classes and two bahasa Indonesia assessment tests to place us in groups of five to seven for our language classes over the next two months.

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I do not really like weblogging. It’s weird and not my thing. I like to read weblogs sometimes, but I don’t like creating the content. For one, I write in such a manner that whenever I reread my pieces later I primarily think, “wow, I sound really stupid and maybe shouldn’t’ve written that.” I don’t know who all will be reading this and that makes me uncomfortable, but I guess I didn’t join the Peace Corps to be comfortable. I would like to think that maybe someday I’ll be able to read something I’ve written long ago and not think poorly of my past self’s writing capability. In addition to my nature of contemptuous self-reflection, the knowledge that other people can read what I post here will make writing even more stressful.

There have already been three completely different iterations of this first post. At this point I am exhausting my capacity to be concerned with how it will read. I did have a list of rules for how this weblog will operate and some basic objectives or whatever, but I think I’m just gonna keep those for myself.

To end this post I would just like to say that I will ALWAYS use the word “weblog” instead of “blog” or some other fashionable colloquialism. And if you have a problem with that then this is not the weblog for you.

Maybe for my next post I can actually talk about my Peace Corps experience thus far.