Mau ke mana?

Mau ke mana?

Indonesians are quite the inquisitive people. Upon first meeting someone they are prone to inquire about all sorts of things most Americans would find odd, or even impolite, to ask an acquaintance. Age, marital status, religion, and when you have had your most recent shower or meal are all things Indonesians do not hesitate to ask. These are not questions many Americans would readily find appropriate to pose, even to someone with whom they regularly associate.

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My bike?

The last two posts have been snorefests. So it’s time to pull out some good content.

I moved in with my pre service training host family on a Saturday. I had only had two days of language classes. My language skills were pretty much limited to telling someone my name, saying where I’m from, and saying where I live. I could also point to a couple of objects and identify them in Indonesian. Oh, and numbers. I could count to like a billion. But that wasn’t very useful.

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