Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia

Today was our Language Proficiency Interview, or LPI for short. Every volunteer has an interview at the start and close of their service. The first interview happens near the end of PST and is to gauge each volunteer’s skill with using their primary language and to see if they are ready to start learning a secondary language. In order to be sworn in one must complete the interview with a level of at least intermediate low. The LPI that volunteers have at the close of their service is to gauge how much they have learned over the previous two years.

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My bike?

The last two posts have been snorefests. So it’s time to pull out some good content.

I moved in with my pre service training host family on a Saturday. I had only had two days of language classes. My language skills were pretty much limited to telling someone my name, saying where I’m from, and saying where I live. I could also point to a couple of objects and identify them in Indonesian. Oh, and numbers. I could count to like a billion. But that wasn’t very useful.

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